Do you have a CLASSIC MAGLITE® with light bulb technology, but you want to convert it to LED?

Then we have the MAGLITE® Trade-In program for you.

From old to new!

We would like to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your established CLASSIC MAGLITE® flashlight with light bulb to a new LED flashlight.

Please use the application form below in which we will explain the procedure to you.

You can access the application form here... (click)

A notice:

As part of your participation in the trade-in program, you will receive an individual offer from us. If you would like to accept the offer, you must send us your CLASSIC MAGLITE® to Rottweil, Germany. The flashlight remains with us and you transfer ownership of the flashlight to us. We will send your new LED MAGLITE® to you after receipt and receipt of the advance payment.