Maglite®, disposal of (old) electrical equipment

In accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, we would like to inform you of the following:

Consumers are obliged to dispose of (old) electrical and electronic equipment separately from household waste. In this way, everyone makes a contribution to sustainable and professional disposal. Proper disposal or recycling ensures that negative impacts on the environment are avoided.

If you are wondering where to properly dispose of your (old) device, you have various options.

a) You donate your old device to a charity if it still works or can be repaired.

b) Bring your old device to a collection point of the public waste disposal authorities or ask your dealer about the possibilities.

You can find a list of collection and return points, e.g. in Germany, at:

It is best to inquire in advance at the potential collection point whether they can accept your device.

Whenever possible, please remove all batteries and rechargeable batteries from all devices and dispose of them with battery disposal.