ML50L Collection

Our ML50L is available in two different sizes, one with 2x C cell and one with 3x C cell batteries. Furthermore, we offer this model in two different grips, with traditional  Maglite® grip (glossy) and also with a tactical grip in matt color.

As if that weren't enough, the ML50L series is equipped with an electronic on/off switch and thus enables programming of 4 function settings, each with 5 different modes (momentary, max. power, low power, energy saving Eco-mode and strobe). So you can customize your flashlight to your individual needs Adapt to your needs and switch between the 4 function settings at any time, because these are saved. They consist of GENERAL (General), OUTDOOR (Outdoor), Police (Law Enforcement) and TACTICAL (Tactical).You find more detailed information in the product description.