ML300L Collection

Our ML300L is available in 4 different sizes, one with 2x D cell and one with 3x D cell batteries, as well as with 4x D and 6x D cell batteries. Furthermore, we offer this 2 and 3D model with two different grips, with traditional and Maglite® grip (glossy) and also with a tactical grip in matt color.

If the size of a 4x D or 6x D cell flashlight is not enough for you, you are welcome to expand it with our extension attachment including a secret compartment. You find this item at accessories.

The ML300L 4x D LED flashlight offers up to 1,002 lumens and up to 434 hours (over 18 days) in eco mode.

As if that weren't enough, the ML300L series is equipped with an electronic on/off switch, allowing you to program 4 function settings, each with 5 different modes (momentary, max. power, low power, energy saving Eco-mode and strobe). So you can customize your flashlight to your individual needs Adapt to your needs and switch between the 4 function settings at any time, because these are saved. They consist of GENERAL (General), OUTDOOR (Outdoor), Police (Law Enforcement) and TACTICAL (Tactical).You  find more detailed information in the product description.