XL Collection

The XL50® and XL200® are very special flashlights with many functions and a very comfortable tail cap switch that fits perfect in the hand.

3 different functions can be accessed via quick click on the XL50®:

  • Power on with a • QuickClik™ for 100% power
  • Power on with two • • QuickClik™ for 25% power
  • Power on with three • • • QuickClik™ for flash/strobe mode


The XL200® has 5 different functions:

  1. You press the end cap switch and turn the light on and adjust it individually between light and dark by just turning the flashlight slowly. The XL200® remembers this set brightness and shines with the same intensity the next time you switch it on.
  2. Using the strobe functionality, the speed of which can be adjusted from fast to slow. The XL200® remembers the setting until you change it again.
  3. The “Nite Lite™” mode: The light comes on brightly and decreases in brightness until you pick it up again and then shines again at full power.
  4. You enter the signal mode - it generates visible international Morse code signals (short and long flashes = "dots and dashes"), which you control by turning the flashlight.
  5. Using “SOS” mode, a continuous, auto-flashing “SOS” signal.
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