Disposal of used batteries and rechargeable batteries

According to the BattG we would like to inform you about the following:

The crossed-out wheeled bin indicates that you must dispose of the battery separately from unsorted municipal waste - especially household waste.

Batteries or accumulators can contain mercury (Hg), cadium (Cd) or lead (Pb). If this is the case, you will find the respective chemical symbol below the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin.

You are legally obliged to return old batteries and accumulators after use. We will take them back free of charge from our dispatch warehouse at MAG-Eubama GmbH & Co. KG, Saline 14, 78628 Rottweil, Germany.

Batteries may contain substances harmful to the environment and human health. Particular caution is required when handling lithium-containing batteries. Lithium is a flammable substance. If not handled properly, it is highly flammable, which can cause fires. By collecting and recycling old batteries and accumulators separately, you can avoid negative effects on the environment and human health.

We ask you to avoid generating waste from used batteries as much as possible by choosing batteries with a longer lifespan or rechargeable batteries. Please also avoid littering public spaces. Do not leave batteries or electrical and electronic devices that contain batteries lying around and dispose of them properly. We ask you to check whether it is possible to recycle batteries instead of disposing of them. Old batteries can be reused, for example by reconditioning or repair.