MAGLITE® cares about the environment!

Commitment to the environment, quality and mission:



  • "WE ACT RESPONSIBLY because we manufacture our products in the State of California, United States, which has some of the toughest and most regulated environmental protection policies and laws in the world.
  • We recycle our aluminum scrap to ensure that daily by-products of our machining process are recovered.
  • We recycle our oils/lubricants so our machines can make our products.
  • We recycle our used paper products and corrugated board scrap daily.
  • We have optimized our production schedules to coincide with non-peak power grid usage, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Our robust quality assurance program ensures a historical error rate of less than 0.1%. That means our products don't end up in landfills, instead offering decades of sustainable use.
  • We use automated environmental and lighting controls to ensure optimal use and zero energy wastage.
  • Mag® automation also ensures strict quality assurance and product safety.
  • Mag®'s commitment to being at the forefront of lighting technology has required huge investments in R&D, plant and equipment, and extensive staff training over the last 40 years.
  • Mag® has also consciously pursued R&D / Product Development towards smaller, more compact lighting instruments that use far less material than older, larger lights. This is comparable to the auto industry's transition to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars in the 1970s.
  • As another example of our commitment to the environment, Mag® has made significant investments in reusable material handling containers throughout its manufacturing and other environmentally friendly practices.
  • Mag® has a zero-discharge facility, meaning none of its waste streams end up in city sewers and pipelines.

Our manufactured products in the USA are designed and engineered to provide decades of continued use by users. This reduces the need for replacements and decreases the amount of waste going to landfill. MAGLITE® products offer users maximum service life, which means fewer batteries are used in normal use. This emphasis on “life” helps keep batteries out of landfills. 

For our products we use aircraft aluminum, which is recyclable.

We have developed a range of rechargeable flashlights that benefit the environment by reducing the amount of alkaline batteries and therefore producing less waste.

Above all, we are constantly improving our products, and it is Mag Instrument, Inc.'s policy to vigorously enforce its patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights in its products in the United States and internationally around the world in respect of the products.

MAG Instrument Inc. is one of the few manufacturers that offers a 10-year limited warranty on its flashlights worldwide.