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Maglite® Manufacturing

Originally, MAGLITE® flashlights used krypton or xenon bulbs manufactured in their own factory in Bavaria. Today, MAGLITE® manufactures its LED models in Ontario, California, USA. That being said, current models have the LED technology, although the bulbs with Made in Germany bulbs are still available from MAG Instruments, Inc., a US manufacturer.

Known for his passion for precision engineering, craftsmanship and dedication to perfection, Anthony Maglica was not satisfied with the performance of a “normal” LED as a usable light source. Mr. Maglica aimed to produce an LED light source that would deliver the kind of durability, reliability, and performance that MAGLITE® flashlights are known for. With an emphasis on uncompromising performance, MAG-LED™ technology is the result of that quest.

Next generation MAG-LED® technology includes:

  • a new high power LED
  • A more powerful projecting LED beam that focuses simply by turning the head
  • Enhanced Balanced Optics™ -The next generation Mag® LED flashlight refines a concept developed by Mag Instrument and combines a redesigned reflector with the LED module platform to take advantage of the significantly higher output intensity.
  • Intelligent Power Source Management - The second generation Mag® LED flashlight contains a sophisticated electronic LED module that continuously monitors the balance between high brightness and efficient power consumption, enabling longer battery life.
  • Extended Battery Life - Compared to flashlights with similar battery performance and light output, the user can expect significantly improved battery life from this "next generation" flashlight.

PLUS:All the quality features that professionals and consumers expect from a Mag® flashlight: 

  • Sturdy machined aluminum construction with knurled design.
  • Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance.
  • (Splash) water and shock resistant.

Maglite® Technology

MAGLITE® takes the extra step in the products by maximizing the use of the energy stored in the battery to give the flashlight one of the longest run times in the store. Because MAGLITE® aims to provide the consumer with the most balanced lighting tool, all categories of the ANSI standard are being strengthened rather than just focusing on lumens. This sets MAGLITE® apart from the others, who have long been committed to providing the consumer with a product that is durable, technologically innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, patented MAGLITE® Heat-Sink Technology is incorporated into our newest products, the ML150LR™ and ML300L™ 4D flashlights. Our first two flashlights with more than 1,000 lumens did not come about by accident. With the latest generation of LEDs, it is possible to produce more light with less power consumption than could have been imagined until recently. However, new ultra-bright LEDs also brought new challenges: They generate a lot of heat and if an LED overheats, its efficiency drops. As the temperature rises, the LED requires more and more power to produce less and less light. Thermal management is therefore a key challenge that holds the key to unlocking the full light production potential of the latest, brightest LEDs. Mag Instrument has mastered this challenge with the development of an innovative heat sink technology.